“I Discover Healthy Ways To Focus And Manage My Anxiety”


“I discover healthy ways to focus and manage my anxiety.”

It’s not just you, it’s everyone. We live in a time of great anxiety. We’re uncertain and fearful about basically everything, from a terrifyingly likely environmental collapse to the dubious health-care choices of the person standing next to us at the grocery store. We’re also still dealing with the fallout from a time of historic social isolation, unemployment, social unrest, political division, and financial stress that literally impacted every single human being on the planet in some way. The last thing we should surprised by is that we’re all a little on edge these days. It’s also worth remembering that the feeling of anxiety isn’t always a bad thing. It’s a warning light on your emotional dashboard telling you that something isn’t right.

The trouble comes when that mental warning light — no matter what you do fix the problems it’s warning you about — won’t turn off again. It may even be constantly flashing in warning, even if it’s not clear what that warning is for. It’s hard not to live in a state of readiness, waiting impatiently for whatever dangers our subconscious mind has locked onto. This kind of anxiety is hard to shake, even if we’re certain — on a rational level, at least — that there’s nothing to justify all that mental and emotional effort. Left unchecked, this anxiety can eat away at our mental health, damage our relationships, and erode the sources of joy and fulfillment in our lives. In that situation, we may need to give our vigilant, self-protecting instincts something new to focus on. We may also need help and advice to give us the right tools for managing this hyper-sensitive and distracting warning light in our brains.

This sigil speaks to the intention of mastering our anxiety, and even finding new, beneficial ways to use it.

“I Am Surrounded By Opportunities For Building And Growing My Wealth”


“I am surrounded by opportunities
for building and growing my wealth.”

If you ever want to make an enlightened, New Age, or spiritual person uncomfortable, ask them about what spiritual practices are best for attracting piles and piles of cold, hard cash. We’re supposed to be above such things, after all. What good is money to the spirit? You can’t spend your way into a state of nirvana, and all those material things that money can buy are simply bonds and fetters, anchoring you to this brief illusion … or something like that. Let’s get real: We’ve all to live in this material illusion, and it’s way easier to do that if you have a little money to throw around. There’s nothing shameful in having enough money to stop wasting your precious hours on this earth worrying about not having enough money. Finding a smart investment, taking a better-paying job, or hustling your skills to make your life a little better isn’t going to get you kicked out of the good karma club.

In fact, you may realize that the world around you is filled with great opportunities where you can both spread a little happiness and make a few bucks in the process. This very website is an example of that, as we turn a passion for the art of sigils, and even the practice of sigilcraft, into an opportunity to offset our coffee and bagel expenses. It’s OK to want more financial security. It may even allow you more flexibility as you go down your personal path to happiness. Just don’t get obsessed or weird about it. Money is just one tool out of many that can be used to improve your life, and the lives of those around you.

“My Life Is Overflowing With Joy, Passion, Love, And Fun”


“My life is overflowing with
joy, passion, love, and fun.”

Most of us don’t really want all that much out of our daily existence. Sure, we’ve all daydreamed about being mind-bogglingly wealthy, stunningly attractive, absurdly famous, and profoundly influential, but mostly in the context of how those changes would be better than our current lived reality. Most people don’t fantasize about the hassle and headaches of being one of those elite few — a staggering number of the rich and famous are also utterly miserable people — but rather about the idealized life we collectively project on them. What we really want is to live the life that we believe — often inaccurately — that these people have. We want to be thrilled, to be loved, to be emotionally and intellectually engaged, and to be able to enjoy this rollercoaster ride through space and time that we call life. That’s an achievable reality, even if you never become rich and famous. It requires finding the right people to fill your life with, building the right relationships, opening yourself up to the right experiences, and allowing yourself to live a great life wherever you happen to be. That’s the intention that this sigil speaks to.

“I Am Loved, Respected, And Accepted For Who I Am”


“I am loved, respected, and accepted for who I am.

Everyone is born into this world being worthy of love, respect, and acceptance. Unfortunately, we’re not always born into a situation where it’s possible to actually receive these things from those around us. We’re brought into a world of damaged people, raised by damaged parents, and pushed through a cultural reality that uses fear, pain, intimidation, violence, isolation, and ostracization as a method of control and abuse. In that context, it’s easy to forget that everyone — yes, including you — has every right to be loved, respected, and accepted. Even if you’ve made serious mistakes in your life, you’re as worthy of these basic things as anyone else. They are as essential to being alive as breathing, drinking, and sleeping.

You may not find love, respect, and acceptance where you are. Some families are made up of people who are too broken to provide them, and some social groups are too toxic to offer anything but the illusion of this kind of support. These are emotional deserts, as harsh and inhospitable to a healthy emotional life as the Sahara is to a lush and verdant garden. Try to put down roots there, and — given enough time — your emotional health will almost certainly wither into dust. If you aren’t finding what you need to thrive, seek a greener landscape. You cannot change a desert, but you can begin the journey out of one any time you like. That’s what this sigil speaks to.

“I Make The Best Possible Health Decisions For Myself And My Family”


“I make the best possible health
decisions for myself and my family.”

We live in a time of … let’s call it “complex” … discussions around the concept of personal health. We all want to make the right health decisions for ourselves and our families, but it’s not always easy to know what those decisions should be.

This sigil speaks to that desire.

“My First Semester At College Is Exciting, Rewarding, And Fun”


“My first semester at college is
exciting, rewarding, and fun.”

We don’t have a lot of formal rites of passage in our society — those rituals that mark the end of one stage of life and the beginning of another — but the first semester of college is pretty close. There are many ways to start down the path of higher education, from tentative high school grad to late-in-life personal renaissance, but that first semester is always a little intimidating. As it should be. Personal growth is always a little risky. From the moment your foot crosses the threshold of your very first class (or whatever the online equivalent may be), you’re a fundamentally changed person in the eyes of our society. Your educational history is now and forever “went to college,” regardless of what you studied, how long you attended, and whether or not you graduated.

Of course, the better your first semester is, the more likely it becomes that you’ll stick around and learn a few things while you’re there. That’s the desire that this sigil speaks to.