“Prosperity in love, health, and money”


“Prosperity in love, health, and money.”

Most people have simple desires. They want to love and be loved. They want to wake up feeling alive, without being dragged down by the pain and fear of failing health. And they want to be free of the aching worry of not having enough money to cover their needs. That’s not a lot to ask from life.

These three desires make up the vast majority of the requests SigilDaily receives, so we’ve created a simple sigil that speaks to all of them at once.

“Our Passion Is Reignited”


Our passion is reignited

The most passionate fires that burn in life often arise from a single spark. A fleeting, flirty glance combusts into bonfire of romance. An unexpected, half-heard melody catches fire and becomes a song. Strange phrases become poems, crazy ideas become profitable businesses, and emphatic statements from politicians become rallying cries for cultural change.

But true passion is hard thing to maintain. Fires require fuel. Most of us have souls filled with dried out hopes and dreams, the ideal kindling for a bright, hot blaze of passion. But when all that litter is burned away, we’re left thinking about whether or not we want to burn the big stuff next. To keep the fire burning, you may have to start breaking down the furniture.

That’s not something everyone is willing to do. There’s no shame in that. Some fires just aren’t worth the sacrifice. But others are. You’re going to need to gather more wood if you want to keep them lit.

That’s what this sigil symbolizes.

“My Computer Is Protected From Malice”


From worms and viruses to thieves and coffeehouse vandals, there’s a lot of risk out there for anyone who connects to the world through their computers. This sigil speaks to the need for constant vigilance against those who want to steal your data, invade your privacy, and otherwise ruin your day.

“Depression Will Not End Me”


“Depression will not end me.”

One of the worst things about depression is the feeling that you simply can’t escape from it. Almost like it’s an oily, endlessly sticky tar that seeps out from inside you, smearing itself on everything and everyone that comes near. It creates a barrier between you and everything else, smothering every comforting word and obscuring every source of light. It’s all too easy to feel like you’re drowning, struggling to come up for air, and that the only way out is to give up. Don’t let that evil, seeping ichor trick you. Depression is awful, and it can absolutely kill you if you let it. Just ask anyone who has lost friends or family to it, or nearly died themselves from its choking grasp. This sigil can’t cure depression. It can’t stop that oily darkness from pulling you, trying to sink you below the waves. But it can remind you that you always have a choice. If you need help, tell someone. Call a helpline. Do whatever it takes. Don’t let that sticky, oily merciless, hateful bastard of a disease claim another life.

“My Clients And Customers Leave Generous Gratuities”


“My clients and customers leave generous gratuities”

If you’ve ever worked in the service industry, particularly in a restaurant or bar, you know just how essential tips can be. While we can all agree that no one should have to struggle doing difficult, thankless, desperately underpaid work in the hopes of making a living wage thanks to the kindness of strangers, we don’t live in that world. Here in the U.S., millions of people across a wide range of industries depend on tips for their very survival.

This sigil speaks to the simple, humble desires of those working in a job where a decent gratuity can mean a night where microwaved ramen isn’t on the menu, or a week where you don’t have to mentally run through your bank account to see if you can afford a candy bar for your kid. It speaks to the idea that providing exceptional service will result in fair pay.

Here’s to all those massage therapists, waitresses, baristas, movers, Lyft drivers, grocery delivery workers, and others who could use a boost in their daily earnings.

“Negative Thoughts Evaporate From My Mind”


“Negative thoughts evaporate from my mind.”

Every day, a million little anchors do their best to drag your spirit under the surface of your consciousness. Left unchecked, they can pull you under. While you won’t drown in a literal sense, these dark thoughts can pull you to a very dark, cold, and dreadful place.

If you know that the anchors are there, it’s easy enough to cut the ropes, and let your natural emotional buoyancy bring you back to the surface where you can breathe free. Those negative thoughts only exist in shadow, and crumble to dust in the light.

Of course you’re not “worthless,” “weak,” “ugly,” or “unloved.” A simple examination of that heavy anchor — no matter why it exists — can crumble it into dust. But those thoughts are sneaky. They don’t play fair. They don’t like to be seen in the full light of day, where their ridiculousness and obvious inaccuracy can be seen for the nonsense they are. So they hide, and slip their ropes around the unguarded places in our minds when we’re busy trying to get on with our lives.

This sigil speaks to the simple power of daylight. In the light of our saner and more self-aware moments, these negative thoughts vanish like the shadows they are.