New Sigil: “I Will Marry A Wonderful Man”

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"I will marry a wonderful man."

“I will marry a wonderful man.”

Sometimes, particularly when it comes to romance, it helps to simply lay all your cards on the table at the very start. This sigil spells it all out. “I will marry a wonderful man.” Not “date” a “handsome” man, and not “meet” a “cool” guy … we’re getting right to the heart of the matter. This is about getting hitched for a lifetime to a all-around great man, never mind what he does for a living or what color his hair is.

The sigil is also non-gender specific, but if you want to make it so, simply add either an arrow (that is, a male symbol) or a bar/line (a female symbol) to the line on the left-hand side. Now it’s a bit more specific, and it’s an easy peasy change.

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