New Sigil: “I Am Not Influenced By Negativity”

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"I am not influenced by negativity."

“I am not influenced by negativity.”

Negativity is like a gooey black tar that sticks to anything it brushes up against. There are countless voices in the world who will sneer at the even the most delightful ideas, for instance, and who simply can’t let good, happy things into their lives. So profound is their negative outlook, that if they see someone else being positive, they’ll do almost anything they can to discourage them, just to snuff out that light so they don’t have to look at it. They’re not evil people, usually, but they can be a real drag to be around. We all know people like this, and we even are those people from time to time.

Even when you’re actively moving your life towards the positive, it’s all too easy to let a little of that negativity rub off on you, if only by accident. By actively being mindful of that negativity, and learning to recognize for what it is when you do encounter it, you’ll soon find that it’s quite easy to let that dark, slimy goo slide right off of you, not even leaving a smudge. That’s what this sigil is all about.

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