New Sigil: “I Am Stronger Than My Challenges”

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"I am stronger than my challenges."

“I am stronger than my challenges.”

Every day, you face new challenges. Some are simple, like deciding whether or not you have time to stop for a tea on your way into work, and how you’ll respond to your boss if you’re five minutes late. Others are big, like losing a job, moving on after a failed relationship, or deciding to change your path in life. Some challenges seem unconquerable, and loom large over every waking moment.

Just remember this: You are stronger than your challenges.

That doesn’t mean you should take on every challenge as if it were a boxing match. The thing about most problems is that for all their ferocity, they just don’t have much staying power. If you make even a little bit of progress at moving through your problems every day, you’ll soon find that they fade into the distance. A lost job becomes a memory when the right one comes along. A failed relationship becomes a stepping stone to a far more meaningful love. Each step down the right path in life takes you closer to your dreams, and takes you farther away from a life you simply don’t want to live anymore.

That’s what today’s sigil is all about. Be stronger than your challenges. You already are, even if you don’t know it yet.

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