New Sigil: “I Will Be Open To Success”

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"I will be open to success."

“I will be open to success.”

One of the biggest reasons we fail is self-sabotage. Our internal models of reality, shaped by everything from upbringing to the attitudes of those around us, simply won’t accept the possibility that we can actually succeed at something. We’ll even do little things to prevent the possibility of success, or simply not be open to opportunities for success when they appear. Maybe we’ll let an important deadline slip. Maybe we’ll talk ourselves out of even trying in the first place. It’s exceptionally easy to fail when you’re not even open the possibility of success.

This sigil is about breaking that pattern. Simply by tracing or redrawing it, you’re telling yourself that you’re at least open to the concept that you can be successful. You can forgive your past failures, and allow yourself the freedom to try again. You will be open to success.

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