New Sigil: “He Will Spend Time With Me”

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"He will spend time with me."

“He will spend time with me.”

One of the most powerful facets of sigil practice is the ability to crystallize even basic desires into clear symbols. Most people don’t fundamentally yearn for great power, international fame, obsessive love and bottomless wealth; they simply want their lives to be happier. It’s that deep, pulling need for something simple — affection, validation, security — that causes so many people to needlessly wade in pools of misery. Often, what they actually want is something that could be given without a thought and with less effort than preparing a TV dinner. The trick is knowing what that craving represents, which is usually a simple, long-unaddressed need.

In this case, it’s a need to have an important male spend his time and attention with the sigil invoker. The “he” is decided when the sigil is activated. This activation is as much confession as anything else. The invoker must admit to themselves that they hunger for time and attention, and be willing to place that agenda at the heart of their interaction with the object of the sigil. The goal isn’t to create love, infatuation or attraction. The goal is to create a space where a connection can grow.

This also means, by definition, that the invoker of the sigil make their own time available. That means moving other things to one side, creating space for shared experiences. It means more that eating a meal together while you both stare intimately at your phones. In order for him to share his time with you, you must have time, attention and emotional presence to share as well.

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