New Sigil: “I Will Be Well Compensated For My Skills”

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"I will be well compensated for my skills."

“I will be well compensated for my skills.”

This sigil came at the request of one of Sigil Daily’s Twitter followers. The meaning is simple, but relevant to almost everyone: “I will be well compensated for my skills.” It is one thing to be appreciated, after all, but fair compensation never hurts.

Of course, what is “fair” compensation? That’s beyond the role of this sigil to indicate. Sigils are far more effective when they are specific, and this one borders on being too vague for most purposes. Thankfully, it’s an easily remedied issue. Prior to activation, simply alter the sigil with a representation of the specific compensation you had in mind. If you believe your skills are worthy of a million dollars per year, find a way to work some indication of this into the sigil itself. Perhaps writing one million in exponential notation or Roman numerals, or creating a sigilized version of the words “one million” will work. Alternately, you could visualize and state the specifics during the activation ritual.

Keep in mind that “compensated” isn’t synonymous with “money.” Recognition, appreciation, awards, more authority or responsibility … all of these things can be “compensation” in their own way. The more specific the sigil and the activation ritual, the more likely it is you’ll see the results you actually desire.

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