New Sigil: “I Will Make A New Friend”

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"I will make a new friend."

“I will make a new friend.”

When you learn about sigil magick, and its eerie power to bring inexplicable synchronicity into your life, it’s hard not to think about the big stuff. Wealth, love, sex, power, success, status … in one form or another, these topics often find their way into those first few activation rituals. It’s only natural, when you’ve been told your whole life that there is a scarcity of possibilities, to not gorge yourself when you realize you have an open invite to a banquet of pure wonder.

As many practicing sigilists well know, however, sigils work on their own terms. This is particularly true with big, abstract concepts. You may get exactly what you asked for, but in a way that doesn’t really satisfy the core need you were trying to address. Most sigils are fundamentally an attempt to bring happiness into one’s life, after all.

Today’s sigil cuts to the core of one of the key things that actually will help your happiness: Friendship.

It never hurts to have friends. As you grow older, making new friends can become challenging. Sure, you might have work friends, or become friendly with the other parents on your kid’s soccer team, but making true friends can be harder than it seems. By activating this sigil, you’re opening yourself up to that strange courtship of friendship, creating a gravity based on compatibility and human connection.

It might not be as big in scope as some other ideas, but if there’s one thing that will outlast fortune, fame and romance, it’s friendship.

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