New Sigil: “She Will Spend Time With Me”

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"She will spend time with me."

“She will spend time with me.”

This sigil is a complementary piece to yesterday’s post, intended to attract the time and attention of a specific female. The scope of this sigil is simple, uncluttered and specific. It does not seek to create burning desire, raw sexual attraction or pull the cosmic strings to manipulate anyone. The focus is merely to remove the binding, biting bondage of distraction, and to open a window for the cool breeze of time to drift through.

During activation, the object of the sigil must be decided. This can be through any intuitive means — saying the woman’s name, picturing her face, writing her name on the sigil paper — but it must be a specific person. As mentioned yesterday, the activation must also serve as something of a confession for the invoker. A need for attention, validation and interaction is going unaddressed in your life, and this is a bigger issue than how much time one specific woman is willing to give you.

As mentioned in the previous post: By definition, the invoker of the sigil must also make their own time available. That means moving other things to one side, creating a space for shared experiences. That space must be open and free, allowing the object of your desire to come and go as she pleases. This sigil aims to allow you more time together, but it doesn’t dictate how that time will manifest. It might be an extra 30 seconds of conversation every day, and weekly coffee date, or a nightly phone call. That time cannot be controlled or forced. At best, a space can be created in your life for her time and attention to fill.

Do not push. Let it happen.

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