Archives: January 2015

New Sigil: “I will shape my body to be fit and healthy”

“I will shape my body to be fit and healthy.” [/caption]As intellectual and spiritual creatures, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the obvious. Our bodies matter. They’re our only vessel for navigating this planet, and we only get one of them. Every emotional experience you will ever have will be channeled through it, from your mother’s

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New Sigil: “I will have strong hands and a full heart”

“I will have strong hands and a full heart.” [/caption]Most sigil requests we receive relate to a few key concepts, such as love, happiness, health and prosperity. Those are hugely important parts of human existence, and the lack of those elements in your life is also relatively easy to notice. Those subjects are also huge,

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New Sigil: “I will be open to receive and give more love”

The suggestion for this sigil came from one of our Twitter followers, and it’s a wonderfully simple sentiment. Most people mistake “love” for a variety of other emotions, many of then rooted in unfulfilled need rather than true connection with another person. The word can all too easily be a proxy for some other longing,

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