New Sigil: “I will be open to receive and give more love”

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"I will be open to receive and give more love."

“I will be open to receive and give more love.”

The suggestion for this sigil came from one of our Twitter followers, and it’s a wonderfully simple sentiment. Most people mistake “love” for a variety of other emotions, many of then rooted in unfulfilled need rather than true connection with another person. The word can all too easily be a proxy for some other longing, such as attention, infatuation, lust or even simple human connection. While it’s perfectly possible to create a sigil that sums all those ideas up under “love” (it’s a symbol, after all), asking for love while actually wanting something else will almost always result in frustration.

This sigil takes a different perspective. It’s about opening yourself up to be filled and to be emptied. It doesn’t specify or imply what kind of love, but instead suggests a flow and ebb of deep interactions. That’s powerful stuff.

We’ve incorporated some ideas from West African traditions here, bringing the design as close to the root of humanity as possible. It might suggest an eye motif, but a clever observer will also note the hint of the Duafe comb, the Wawa seed and a few other icons from the Adinkra system.

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