New Sigil: “I will shape my body to be fit and healthy”

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“I will shape my body to be fit and healthy”

“I will shape my body to be fit and healthy”

“I will shape my body to be fit and healthy.” [/caption]As intellectual and spiritual creatures, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the obvious. Our bodies matter. They’re our only vessel for navigating this planet, and we only get one of them. Every emotional experience you will ever have will be channeled through it, from your mother’s first touch to your last glimpse of the stars. These bodies, imperfect as they can be, are as vital to the human experience as any idea or feeling.

And yet, it’s all to easy to give up on our bodies. They take work to maintain. They rebel against us. They fail us at important times, and they grind down from fatigue or sickness. They age. They break, and sometimes in ways that can’t be fixed. They refuse to be glorious and beautiful at all times. They’re too fat, too big, too small, oddly proportioned, they don’t look right in today’s fashions, they break out with acne and stink even after a mild workout. They can be frustrating to no end, particularly when we’re surrounded by images of people whose full-time jobs are looking good with their bodies.

A sigil can’t make you into a supermodel. Nothing, barring winning the genetic lottery at birth and a lifetime of luck can do that. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have control. You can shape your body to be as strong, healthy, durable, reliable and attractive as your DNA and lifestyle allow. And that’s what this sigil helps to do.

This is a partnership between your spirit, your mind and your body. With all three of these pulling the same direction, towards the same goals, you can worry a little less about how the gorgeous few are doing by comparison. While they starve themselves, and scrape away every stray fat cell at the gym, you can simply change your lifestyle to bring your body more into balance. While they resort to surgery to keep the illusion of youth, you can age with strength and dignity. As they diminish into desperate parody, you will mature into robust presence.

This sigil won’t make you beautiful, and it can’t make you into a marathon runner. It can’t reverse the things that have wounded or crippled you. But it can start you on the path to making your body as healthy and strong as it can be.

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