New Sigil: “I will find fulfilling work”

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"I will find fulfilling work."

“I will find fulfilling work.”

The other day, I ran across a woman I’ve known casually for well over a decade. We’re not friends, exactly, but as long-time acquaintances I could tell that something was up. This woman is a talented artist, but like many talented people, she’s spent most of her working life doing a service industry job to pay the bills. There were clouds over her, and she was visibly upset, so I asked her if she was OK.

“No,” she said. “I’m not.”

She’d lost her job, the same one she’d had for as long as I’d known her. She hadn’t found another one yet. She had college loans coming due. She had medical bills on the horizon. She didn’t know how to put together a decent resume, hadn’t gotten any calls back from applications, and was terrified of going through interviews while up against people half her age. The was, to put it mildly, overwhelmed with worry.

Her situation mirrors that of a lot of people these days. She was so lost in the worry, that she was willing to take any job that came along, just to have a space to breathe. It wasn’t a matter of living her dreams, or even finding a good job that will make her happy. It was just being able to end the panic.

So this sigil is for her, and for everyone like her reading this. May you not only find work that gets you by, but work that truly nourishes you.

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