Archives: June 2015

New Sigil: “I shall endure.”

While sigils can be highly specific, they don’t have to be. Sometimes the simplest sentiments make great sigils.

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A very specific sigil from Tumblr

On the Sigil Daily Tumblr page, one of our followers had a highly specific sigil in mind: “I will become a strong enough dancer to go on pointe, and then I will go on pointe and dance wonderfully.” Sigils like this are great. The more specific and focused your aim, the more likely it is

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New Sigil: “I will overcome my addictions and have a happy, healthy life.”

Another great sigil request from the Sigil Daily Tumblr page. “I am having a difficult time with creating a sigil for my deep need for sobriety. I am addicted to herion and want nothing more than a healthy, happy life.”

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