New Sigil: “I Will Be In A Passionate Romantic Relationship Soon”

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"I will be in a passionate romantic relationship soon"

“I will be in a passionate romantic relationship soon”

Thanks to a relatively active social media presence, Sigil Daily gets a lot of sigil requests. That’s a good thing, as it saves me the trouble of constantly having to come up with ideas for new content. One of the most fascinating elements of this back-and-forth with the project’s followers is the commonalities. Most people aren’t seeking out chaos magick solutions to their problems in an effort to rule the world. They’re looking for help with everyday problems we’ve all had. They want something to improve their health, to help them land a job, to smooth over family conflict or to stabilized their financial situations.

And, of course, they want help with love.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? Help with romantic problems, from finding love to healing a broken heart, are by far the most common requests I get. In some ways, this sigil request from one of Sigil Daily’s Tumblr followers is a typical example. It was the “soon” part, that plead for urgency, that caught my eye.

For those of you who are interested, this sigil is simply oil pastel on sketch paper, and borrows from Old Permic (Abur) alphabet.

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