New Sigil: “I Will Move On From My Past Relationships”

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"I will move on from my past relationships."

“I will move on from my past relationships.”

Even the best relationships can leave scars. The deeper the relationship, the more entwined we become. It’s easy for the boundaries between “me” and “us” to blur. When the relationship ends, and those profound connections become severed, it can almost feel like losing a limb. We’ve all been there.

It’s no surprise that it’s almost never easy to completely move on from some relationships. Even the bad ones, where the love was always mixed with turmoil and tears. A bad breakup to an otherwise happy relationship can also prove difficult to get over. The pain, regret and depression of a lost relationship can last years, and it’s common for those emotions to echo throughout a lifetime.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t move on. After all, the past is there for a reason: To inform the future. Those bittersweet memories don’t exist simply to torture you, or bulldoze your self-esteem. They exist to teach you, to warn you, and to remind you. They’re part of the healing process.

For those memories to do their job, you’ve got to let the past become the past. Sometimes, that requires making a conscious effort, opting not to revisit the pleasures and the pains of memory until the wounds have fully healed. This sigil is a focus for the first part of that process: Deciding to let go and move on.

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