Raw Sigil Art

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As a kind of follow up to the “Peek at the process” post I made last week, here are some images of the raw, pre-Photoshop versions of various sigils from the past year or so of the Sigil Daily project.

Some of these are unused versions or early drafts. If you like them, let me know and I’ll post more from time to time.


“I will have a good mental health day” final draft.

Why is it red? After nearly two years, I ran out of charcoal and dark-toned conte crayons from a set I’d bought in 2012. As a result, many of this year’s sigils were rendered with a red oil pastel, then darkened in Photoshop.


The final version of the ”The Barista Will Flirt Back” sigil. This one was just for fun, and it was always going to have a coffee-cup theme, so it was really just a matter of creating a version with the right lines and proportions.


This is an earlier version of the Sigil Dail logo. The inner line looked weird, so I cut it.


“I will remember that platonic love is not the same as romantic love” draft. You can see the start of an earlier version above, which I abandoned because the shapes weren’t quite right.


Ah … the glories of a cramped work space. Random ‘zines and CDs (yeah, I know) on the left, the remnants of a late-evening coffee and a pesto and walnut pizza on the right. In the middle, some passable brush and ink stuff.

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