Q & A: Influencing others with sigils

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“How would I do a sigil to affect somebody else? I would like to help a friend overcome their stress and depression, etc., but how could I word that? Is it even possible? I’m fairly new to this, and still learning.” ~ Tumblr private message

To see results, they’ll need to make the sigil themselves.

In my experience, sigil magick isn’t really all that great at directly effecting anyone else’s emotions. Who am I kidding? It’s probably the worst way to directly influence another person. Sigil magick is a largely internal, personal and indirect process.

Where sigil magick really shines in indirectly influencing events, resulting in the desired underlying outcome. That’s one reason why it has become one of the best recognized forms of “chaos magick,” as it overlaps with the statistical/mathematical view of chaos. You set things in motion with the sigil, and completely unpredictable things somehow result in the desired effect. (I should mention that this is largely a coincidence. Chaos magic and chaos theory don’t have much actual overlap.)

Said another way: Getting a specific person to fall in love with you? It’s at best a “maybe.” Creating a completely unlikely situation where you connect with someone who has all the traits you’re looking for, and which you specifically include in the sigil? It’s pretty damn good.

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