Q&A: Is it beneficial to make multiple sigils of the same desire?

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“Hello! I was wondering, does making multiple Sigils of the same meaning boost the Sigils effect? Or should I word them differently and still make more of the same kind?” ~ kidriser7211 via Tumblr

The wording isn’t as important as you might think. The sigil doesn’t really represent the words you used to create it, it represents the underlying desire that the sentence was trying to convey. It’s a symbol for the desire, distilled down from the bulky and awkward structure of grammar and spelling into a single image with a specific and truly personal message. No one else can look at a sigil you’ve made and decipher its meaning.

While you can absolutely make as many sigils as you like for a given desire, it won’t boost the effect. The sigil isn’t the source of the magick, the intention you invest in the sigil is. And since you can’t really want something more than you already want it, there isn’t a compounding effect.

It’s not harmful to make multiple sigils for the same desire, but there are some schools of thought which would claim that it can only diffuse or reduce the effect. Instead of having a single point of focus, you’re splitting the power of that intention every time, using a slightly different message. This is particularly problematic if you follow the “subconscious synchronicity” view of sigil magick, where the true power comes from directing the hidden parts of your mind to achieve the effect. In that view, you would be constantly telling your subconscious to start over with a slightly different goal in mind.

That said, if it feels right to you to make different sigils, give it a try. Track your results. Maybe try one sigil that you don’t change, and a totally unrelated one that you activate multiple times and in multiple forms. See which approach has the greater and more immediate effect. Drop back by and share your results.

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