Q&A: What happens when a sigil activation gets interrupted?

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“What happens if a sigil activation is interrupted?” ~ Tumblr private message

The question comes from a young witch who lives at home. Their parents don’t know about their practice, and they want to keep it a secret (hence the “please answer this privately” request, which I’m happy to honor). They had just gotten through the charging of the sigil, and were about to activate it by burning it, when their dad walked in. They quickly hid the sigil and abruptly ended the ritual.

“Will it no longer work?” they asked. “Will this effect my command of the sigil?”

It’s not an ideal situation, obviously, but there’s nothing to worry about here.

The sigil itself hasn’t changed, nor will it. It will still work just fine. If anything, the fact that it’s already charged suggests that it’s a best practice to redo the ritual with that sigil, just to make sure it gets properly discharged.

What did get messed up here is the activation. That’s not as big of a deal as you might think. It happens. It’s kind of like messing up a recipe. To get back on track, you just need to redo the activation ritual from the start.

A big part of the ritual is building up a level of emotional/spiritual tension. That’s one (of many) reasons for things like creating protection circles and various clearing rituals, as it puts you in the frame of mind needed to charge a sigil in the first place. So make sure you go through all those steps again, including the charging.

The tension from the first charging is still there, by the way. That’s one big reason you’ll want to redo the ritual – just to release/discharge it.

On a practical level, just make sure you’ve got a solid window of 30 minutes or so to go through all the steps. If you need to leave the house and go someplace relatively secluded. (Maybe a grove of trees, if you’re into that kind of thing.) It doesn’t need to be dark or gloomy, you can activate a sigil in the middle of a sunny day just as easily as you can by candlelight at midnight. In fact, you don’t even have to use fire. Check out the “Other Rituals” section of the Sigil Daily activation guide for some ideas.

Be smart and sane about it, and set things up as much as possible to avoid getting interrupted.

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