Q&A: Do I need to reactivate this sigil?

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“Hi I have a question, before I knew how sigils really worked i wrote some on the pots my plants were in. Are those at all effective, or should i go through the whole process like people say to?” ~ optimistic99universe via Tumblr

Were the sigils for the benefit of the plants? If so, the act of writing the sigils on the pots and planting them was probably pretty close to a ritual in its own right. If it seems “right” in the way you intended when you’re tending to the plants, it worked just fine. Sigil magick is largely about intention rather than any specific ritual, so trust your intuition.

That said, if you want to do a proper activation ritual after the fact, it isn’t hard to do, nor will it hurt anything. Either make new sigils, or reuse the designs from the pots. Activating the sigils through the fire ritual described here is a good start: http://sigildaily.com/activating-rituals/

Once you’ve done the activation, mix the ash (there will only be a little) into the soil. You can use another kind of ritual – etching sigils into ice, then letting them melt into the soil, or making scratches into the soil and then tilling it over – just follow the basic format of creating a quiet space, focusing, discharging and then coming out of that trance/magickal state.

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