“I feel comfortable dancing in public”

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“I feel comfortable dancing in public.”

“I feel comfortable dancing in public.”

It’s safe to say that the urge to dance — to respond to the emotional pull of music through movement — is a trait that all of us share. Every culture has some form of dance. And it’s not always just about the music, either. We dance in victory, to blow off steam, and to express joy. But some of us just aren’t comfortable getting our groove on around other people. We only dance when we think no one is looking. Often, we look at those who can dance anywhere, moving without thinking, with just a touch of envy.

Here’s the truth: You can dance. In your own way, you always can. It may not be the graceful, fluid movements or killer dancefloor moves you have in your head, but it still counts. What matters is the feeling, and letting yourself experience the release of that brief moment of movement. Yeah, you might look silly sometimes. That’s the point. Joy is silly. Happiness is silly. Being a human being, for all it’s serious moments, is a pretty silly thing if you can take a step back and look at it. Embrace it. And then dance.

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