“I will not be murdered because of my skin color”

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"I will not be murdered because of my skin color."

“I will not be murdered because of my skin color.”

Yesterday, one of Sigil Daily’s followers on Tumblr asked: “Could you make a sigil of protection for people of color, that we could share and charge as a community?”

That’s a tough request to refuse. It’s also an impossible one to live up to. Even the best sigil I could create won’t stop a bullet. It can’t undo the centuries of deep injustice experienced by minority groups. It can’t bring innocent people back from the dead, and it can’t do much to balm the pain experienced by those who experience racial discrimination, oppression and violence every day.

It’s just a drawing. A well-intentioned drawing, but a drawing nonetheless. It will never be as meaningful as collective action, cultural change, creating accountability, and speaking truth to power. I’m happy to make it, of course, and I hope it does some good in that winding, weird way only sigil magick can.

For the curious, this was created using the Ge’ez alphabet (also known as Ethiopic script), the precursor to modern Amharic, dating back to the 7th century BC.

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