“My contributions are valuable”

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"My contributions are valuable."

“My contributions are valuable.”

It’s easy to see the accomplishments of others, and even easier to overlook our own. From feeling shut out and shouted down in a team meeting at work, to simply not getting the same number of likes on social media as our “friends,” validation can be hard to come by sometimes.

But here’s the thing: Everyone feels like that. Those people who seem to effortlessly generate applause and accolades? They work harder at it than everyone, often because they’re more desperate for approval than anyone else.

Wouldn’t it be better to not chase the approval dragon? Wouldn’t it be nice to know — to truly feel in your heart — that your contributions matter? No more worrying. Instead of burning your mental and emotional energy trying to get a nod of acknowledgement, you can now focus on something even more important: Being present in the moment.

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