Archives: June 2017

“My pregnancy will be healthy, happy, and safe.”

Few things are as life-changing as the birth of a child. At the same time, pregnancy is a scary, uncertain time, where countless things can go wrong. If there’s anything that can be done to stack the deck in favor of a healthy, happy, and safe birth, don’t be surprised if the mother-to-be gives it

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“My sleep is deep, sound, and restful.”

Few things are as essential to a happy life as getting enough sleep. A single bad night’s sleep can turn an otherwise amiable person into a grumpy misanthrope, and a few of those bad nights in a row can truly bring out the worst in the best folks. Those who live with insomnia face a

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“I am not afraid of the dark.”

I’ve had quite a few requests for this sigil over the years. If you’re one of that secret population who has to work themselves up to take a middle-of-the-night rush to the restroom, lest the things in the dark snatch at you, perhaps this sigil will offer you the certain comfort that you are by

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