“My story is just beginning.”

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We’re a dramatic bunch, we humans. In those great engines of hope, dream, and desire that are our minds, we construct whole narratives about what our past means, how glorious our futures will be, and excuses for why we haven’t gotten there yet. When reality collides into those stories, it’s hard not to be crushed by them. If the epic tale that we’ve built for ourselves hits a bump — even a small one — it threatens to shatter the myth we’ve created about who we are and why we matter.

Here’s the thing: All great stories have big twists. All heroes face setbacks and failures. The story of your life doesn’t end when the plot turns on you. Here and now is the start. Everything else — all the pain, struggle, success and failure — is just the prologue to the story you’re now living. Even if you are nearing the end of your life, your story may just now be starting.

“My story is just beginning.”

This sigil speaks to the start of new stories as yet untold.

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