“I will have a wonderful life”

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“I will have a wonderful life.”

One of the trickiest parts of life is appreciating it for what it is, and while it’s actually happening. Even if you strongly believe in an afterlife — and perhaps even more if you don’t — there’s no getting around just how incredible, rare, and special a thing each and every life is. When a life ends, it’s the end of an wealth of thoughts, feelings, experiences, fears, loves, hopes, dreams, and pains. I’m not trying to be morbid here, I’m just noting that every life, just by happening at all, is a wonder.

I’m fairly certain that the Tumblr follower who requested this sigil had something a bit less philosophical in mind. But what makes a life “wonderful”? Is it having a supportive and caring family? Bottomless wealth? Perfect health and great sex? Or is it simply the ability to appreciate just how rare of a thing life is, right here in the moment?

What could be better than living a life that is full of wonder?

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