Archives: October 2018

“This instrument is safe and protected”

Over on our Tumblr page, we get a ton of requests for sigils. Unfortunately, as with any social media platform, this tends to create a backlog. As a result, I tend to combine similar requests into something a bit more broadly applicable. Instead of making a sigil for every bassist, bassoonist, mandolin player, trumpeter, and

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Let’s Debunk The “Rules” Of Sigil Magick

Question: I’ve heard that sigils must always be written in the present tense, can’t contain negative statements, and must follow a bunch of other rules to work. Is that true? There’s no easy way to say this: Occultists in the turn of the 20th century had some pretty strange ideas. If you read their thoughts

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“My anxiety does not control or define me”

One of the most crippling, harmful things about anxiety is the sense of isolation it creates. It can make us feel like we’re completely alone, struggling with an issue that no one else could possibly understand, and even if they could, they would dismiss it as something only a weak, pathetic person would ever care

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