“New Love Will Find Me”

by , under General Sigils

“”New love will find me.”

Love and romance is a tricky business. It often seems completely arbitrary, with there being little about finding that special someone new that is in the realm of the predictable. One can actively look for that spark of romantic connection for years, going on countless disappointing dates and mindlessly swiping on dating apps, never making contact with the right person. Then, by sheer chance, often at a time and place where you were not looking and completely unprepared — folding your clothes at a laundromat, attending a friend’s casual get together, or simply having lunch — it happens. Maybe it starts with a smile, an awkward glance, or a silly joke. Out of nowhere, you’re in love. It’s new, it’s exhilarating, and it’s even a little terrifying. It’s just what you needed.

That’s the desire that this sigil speaks to.

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