“Our Passion Is Reignited”

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Our passion is reignited

The most passionate fires that burn in life often arise from a single spark. A fleeting, flirty glance combusts into bonfire of romance. An unexpected, half-heard melody catches fire and becomes a song. Strange phrases become poems, crazy ideas become profitable businesses, and emphatic statements from politicians become rallying cries for cultural change.

But true passion is hard thing to maintain. Fires require fuel. Most of us have souls filled with dried out hopes and dreams, the ideal kindling for a bright, hot blaze of passion. But when all that litter is burned away, we’re left thinking about whether or not we want to burn the big stuff next. To keep the fire burning, you may have to start breaking down the furniture.

That’s not something everyone is willing to do. There’s no shame in that. Some fires just aren’t worth the sacrifice. But others are. You’re going to need to gather more wood if you want to keep them lit.

That’s what this sigil symbolizes.

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