“My Stress and Anxiety Over Money Fades”

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Sigil - My stress and anxiety
over money fades
“My stress and anxiety over money fades”

One of the great constants of the modern world is that money — specifically the sense of security that money provides — is something almost everyone desires. It’s hardly surprising that the desire for money is a powerful tool for shaping almost every aspect of our global culture. Make someone afraid that they don’t have enough money, or limit their access to essential things that money is exchanged for, and you have them on a leash. This is a feature of our modern economy, not a bug.

It’s not always possible to become wealthy, and even for those who do, the anxiety that comes with money doesn’t go away. Even the very wealthy can obsess over wanting more money, even when they could never spend what they already have. So let’s dig down and pull this weed of fear and stress up by the root.

This sigil aims to reduce the panic and fear that money — and the lack of it — creates.

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