“Optimism Comes Easily To Me”

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Sigil - Optimism comes easily to me
“Optimism comes easily to me”

It’s not always easy to look on the bright side. Even the most upbeat and positive people still struggle through dark times, after all. Being consistently optimistic often seems like requires something akin to a willing suspension of disbelief, because deep down we all know that tragedy and pain are an inevitable part of existence.

Optimism isn’t about avoiding or ignoring the pain and suffering that comes with life. We all know that the people we love will eventually die. We all know that sickness, anger, loneliness, fear, hunger, defeat, and humiliation are part of the cost for the great joys that they accompany. Being optimistic is a decision to accept all of those things, and to focus on the glowing beauty of stars of the night sky, rather than the inky blackness that surrounds them.

That’s what this sigil speaks to.

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