“Through the Storms and Flames of Life, Our Love Continues to Grow”

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Sigil - Through the storms and flames of life, our love continues to grow.
“Through the storms and flames of life, our love continues to grow.”

Life is a dangerous, chaotic, and stressful experience. From that first disorienting moment of being pulled from the warmth and safety of the womb, to those final uncertain moments before the spark of consciousness fades, the whole thing is a hurricane of joys and heartbreaks. Thankfully, there’s also lot of downtime. But one of the things that makes it all manageable is the strength that comes from a solid, loving relationship.

Fires, flood, storms, droughts, economic collapse, pandemics, murder hornets … It’s all better with someone you love at your side. With the right person, this adversity and turmoil become bearable. In time, the become line items on a list of obstacles overcome. The bonds forged in those moments, however, remain strong.

That bond of love and partnership — romantic or platonic — is what this sigil represents.

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