“My Heart Will Stop Aching”

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Sigil - My heart will stop aching
“My heart will stop aching.”

We all know that intense feeling of heartbreak and pain. It seems to bubble up from an endless well, so cold to the touch that it burns. It’s a wound you can’t touch, and at time it seems like the ache will never fade. But it does. Numb at first. Then roaring back to life when even accidentally touched. Eventually, it becomes a dull bruise, reminding you to step gingerly around it.

And then, when you least expect it, the pain is replaced by something else. The memory of that pain will always be there — it’s a scar, and a part of you — but it’s no longer the burning thing it was. That’s healing, and while it always seems to take far longer than it should, it does happen.

Sometimes you may need a little help — someone to talk to, someone to reset the break, someone to help you stitch the wound — but as long as you’re still breathing in and out, you can heal.

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