“My Healing Is As Deep And Soothing As An Untouched Glacial Lake”

by , under General Sigils

We are living in an aeons-long window between Ice Ages. We are the children of those frozen continents. Our very beings shaped by the struggle for warmth, safety, and community in a world that was defined by unrelenting cold, danger, and struggle. And yet, if you visit the remnants of that world — those frozen, inhospitable, desolate edges of the world — there’s also a familiarity.

As those captive and frigid oceans succumb to this burning age, they bring with them a gift: The clearest, purest pools that the world has to offer. Some are endless wells of achingly beautiful blue.

This sigil seeks to evoke the cool clarity and untouched purity of these soothing waters as we recover from our injuries and pain.

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