“My Talent And Dedication Is Obvious To Those Who Would Hire Me”

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“My talent and dedication is obvious to those who would hire me.”

Dedicating your life to something you care about always comes with risk. The world needs skilled, capable, and passionate people. Chasing your true calling isn’t always easy. It takes years to master most crafts, and others can consume an entire lifetime. But even the masters sometimes hear those dreaded words, “Sorry, we’re going to go in another direction.”

All you can do … all anyone can do, really … is give it their best shot. That’s a true in a dance audition for a regional touring revival of “Showboat” as it is for job interview as a high school math tutor. The best you can hope for is that they see your abilities with clear eyes.

This sigil seeks to remind you that talent and dedication are obvious to the people worthy of seeing them.

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