“I Live A Fit And Healthy Lifestyle”

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“I Live A Fit And Healthy Lifestyle.”

We often receive sigil requests from those seeking to live a healthier lifestyle. Many of these are understandably focused around weight loss, but there’s more to being healthy than simply having a lower number on the scale. Health and fitness are a complex topic, and even at the ultra-elite level of athletics the two concepts have almost no correlation. The best NFL linebackers and Olympic-level powerlifters don’t look a thing like top-tier marathon runners or competitive gymnasts, and they never have.

We all want to have great health, to feel good, and to have bodies that enjoy moving around in. We even want other people to appreciate them — the right people, of course — and there’s nothing wrong with enjoying that kind of attention. So instead of getting hung up on weight, this sigil speaks to something a bit more fundamental.

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