“My First Semester At College Is Exciting, Rewarding, And Fun”

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“My first semester at college is
exciting, rewarding, and fun.”

We don’t have a lot of formal rites of passage in our society — those rituals that mark the end of one stage of life and the beginning of another — but the first semester of college is pretty close. There are many ways to start down the path of higher education, from tentative high school grad to late-in-life personal renaissance, but that first semester is always a little intimidating. As it should be. Personal growth is always a little risky. From the moment your foot crosses the threshold of your very first class (or whatever the online equivalent may be), you’re a fundamentally changed person in the eyes of our society. Your educational history is now and forever “went to college,” regardless of what you studied, how long you attended, and whether or not you graduated.

Of course, the better your first semester is, the more likely it becomes that you’ll stick around and learn a few things while you’re there. That’s the desire that this sigil speaks to.

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