“Our Love Allows Us To Thrive”

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“Our Love Allows Us To Thrive”

Not to get too poetic about it, but there’s a good reason that so many people throughout history have compared falling in love to the blooming of a rose bush. It’s this glorious burst of color that seemingly appears from nowhere. It intoxicates with its sweet perfume, and and dazzles with its delicate touch. When the colors fade and the petals dry up at the end of the season, we can’t help but feel that something perfect has left this world. But here’s the thing: The flowers aren’t the rose bush. The real magic is the deep roots that allow those flowers to return year after year.

Romantic love works in a similar way. The passion and heat and thrill of love in bloom is captivating, and it’s not surprising that it’s what most people think of when they imagine the feeling of being in love. When the seasons change and the colors fade, it’s easy to mistake this change for the death of that addictive, bright, and sweet feeling. It’s only when you’ve spent some time cultivating your emotional garden that you realize that all is not as it may seem. If the soil is fertile, and the roots are dug deep, those impermanently perfect flowers will return. With the right keeping, a little nourishing, some weeding, and perhaps even a little pruning where appropriate, the next bloom will be even bigger than the last.

That’s what this sigil speaks to.

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