“Wealth, Health, Love, Security And Happiness Are All Within My Reach”

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“Wealth, Health, Love, Security And Happiness Are All Within My Reach”

For all the glorious and infuriating complexity of the world we’ve created for ourselves, at an individual level most people have pretty simple desires. Almost none of us desire great fame and limitless power at any cost. The vast majority of us don’t even want to be absurdly wealthy or live lives of unyielding luxury. Almost everyone just want to live a good life, with as little stress and heartache as possible, surrounded by people that love us. For a species that cracked the atom and landed on the moon, that’s really not a lot to ask for.

Not surprisingly, most of the sigil requests we get here at Sigil Daily tend to fall into just a handful of categories. People want wealth, but mostly they seem to mean that they want to stop worrying about not having enough money. They want health, not to win the Olympics or become a star athlete, but because they are tired of constant pain and suffering. They want love, not because they want a harem of devotees to fill in the gaping hole in their spirits, but because we are social creatures designed to care and be cared for. They want security because … I mean, have you seen the state of the world recently?

And most of all, they want happiness. They aren’t seeking a life of constant bliss. They just want to feel the warmth of a sunny day again, and to capture that feeling of relief of being hugged by someone that loves them.

These desires aren’t just understandable, they’re also entirely reasonable things to expect out of life. We all deserve them. While making these desires a daily reality for the global population is a bit much to ask from a work of art, there’s no harm in giving it a shot.

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