“I Am Loved, Respected, And Accepted For Who I Am”

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“I am loved, respected, and accepted for who I am.

Everyone is born into this world being worthy of love, respect, and acceptance. Unfortunately, we’re not always born into a situation where it’s possible to actually receive these things from those around us. We’re brought into a world of damaged people, raised by damaged parents, and pushed through a cultural reality that uses fear, pain, intimidation, violence, isolation, and ostracization as a method of control and abuse. In that context, it’s easy to forget that everyone — yes, including you — has every right to be loved, respected, and accepted. Even if you’ve made serious mistakes in your life, you’re as worthy of these basic things as anyone else. They are as essential to being alive as breathing, drinking, and sleeping.

You may not find love, respect, and acceptance where you are. Some families are made up of people who are too broken to provide them, and some social groups are too toxic to offer anything but the illusion of this kind of support. These are emotional deserts, as harsh and inhospitable to a healthy emotional life as the Sahara is to a lush and verdant garden. Try to put down roots there, and — given enough time — your emotional health will almost certainly wither into dust. If you aren’t finding what you need to thrive, seek a greener landscape. You cannot change a desert, but you can begin the journey out of one any time you like. That’s what this sigil speaks to.

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