“I Am Surrounded By Opportunities For Building And Growing My Wealth”

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“I am surrounded by opportunities
for building and growing my wealth.”

If you ever want to make an enlightened, New Age, or spiritual person uncomfortable, ask them about what spiritual practices are best for attracting piles and piles of cold, hard cash. We’re supposed to be above such things, after all. What good is money to the spirit? You can’t spend your way into a state of nirvana, and all those material things that money can buy are simply bonds and fetters, anchoring you to this brief illusion … or something like that. Let’s get real: We’ve all to live in this material illusion, and it’s way easier to do that if you have a little money to throw around. There’s nothing shameful in having enough money to stop wasting your precious hours on this earth worrying about not having enough money. Finding a smart investment, taking a better-paying job, or hustling your skills to make your life a little better isn’t going to get you kicked out of the good karma club.

In fact, you may realize that the world around you is filled with great opportunities where you can both spread a little happiness and make a few bucks in the process. This very website is an example of that, as we turn a passion for the art of sigils, and even the practice of sigilcraft, into an opportunity to offset our coffee and bagel expenses. It’s OK to want more financial security. It may even allow you more flexibility as you go down your personal path to happiness. Just don’t get obsessed or weird about it. Money is just one tool out of many that can be used to improve your life, and the lives of those around you.

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