“I Discover Healthy Ways To Focus And Manage My Anxiety”

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“I discover healthy ways to focus and manage my anxiety.”

It’s not just you, it’s everyone. We live in a time of great anxiety. We’re uncertain and fearful about basically everything, from a terrifyingly likely environmental collapse to the dubious health-care choices of the person standing next to us at the grocery store. We’re also still dealing with the fallout from a time of historic social isolation, unemployment, social unrest, political division, and financial stress that literally impacted every single human being on the planet in some way. The last thing we should surprised by is that we’re all a little on edge these days. It’s also worth remembering that the feeling of anxiety isn’t always a bad thing. It’s a warning light on your emotional dashboard telling you that something isn’t right.

The trouble comes when that mental warning light — no matter what you do fix the problems it’s warning you about — won’t turn off again. It may even be constantly flashing in warning, even if it’s not clear what that warning is for. It’s hard not to live in a state of readiness, waiting impatiently for whatever dangers our subconscious mind has locked onto. This kind of anxiety is hard to shake, even if we’re certain — on a rational level, at least — that there’s nothing to justify all that mental and emotional effort. Left unchecked, this anxiety can eat away at our mental health, damage our relationships, and erode the sources of joy and fulfillment in our lives. In that situation, we may need to give our vigilant, self-protecting instincts something new to focus on. We may also need help and advice to give us the right tools for managing this hyper-sensitive and distracting warning light in our brains.

This sigil speaks to the intention of mastering our anxiety, and even finding new, beneficial ways to use it.

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