“My Life Is Overflowing With Joy, Passion, Love, And Fun”

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“My life is overflowing with
joy, passion, love, and fun.”

Most of us don’t really want all that much out of our daily existence. Sure, we’ve all daydreamed about being mind-bogglingly wealthy, stunningly attractive, absurdly famous, and profoundly influential, but mostly in the context of how those changes would be better than our current lived reality. Most people don’t fantasize about the hassle and headaches of being one of those elite few — a staggering number of the rich and famous are also utterly miserable people — but rather about the idealized life we collectively project on them. What we really want is to live the life that we believe — often inaccurately — that these people have. We want to be thrilled, to be loved, to be emotionally and intellectually engaged, and to be able to enjoy this rollercoaster ride through space and time that we call life. That’s an achievable reality, even if you never become rich and famous. It requires finding the right people to fill your life with, building the right relationships, opening yourself up to the right experiences, and allowing yourself to live a great life wherever you happen to be. That’s the intention that this sigil speaks to.

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