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In the world of the pop-culture occult, is about as mainstream as it gets. As it turns out, they’ve also been paying attention to the rising trend of sigil magick. Last week, they reached out us here at SigilDaily to use an image or two on a piece they were writing. A few pithy

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Check out Sigil Daily in the latest issue of Witches & Pagans!

Check out “Post-Modern Sigilcraft”in the current issue of Witches & Pagans, available at retailers across the U.S.! (Seriously, it’s even in some Barnes & Nobles.) Or order it directly here.

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Twitter Sigil: “I will get a good job as a mental health therapist”

Every so often, I’ll send out a call to our followers on Twitter asking for their sigil suggestions. These often end up being very specific to a particular person’s situation, rather than the widely cast net of sigils we generally create. In this particular case, Twitter user @mike579 requested something perfectly specific: “I will get

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