“My Family Is Safely Reunited”


“My family is safely reunited.”

It’s difficult to think of a time in recent history where something as simple as spending time with family has been so fraught with uncertainty, fear, and caution. Those concerns are very real, as countless thousands of people all over the world have lost loved ones recently due to a relentlessly contagious disease. It’s quite reasonable to postpone family gatherings — even during the holidays — but that doesn’t make it any less painful. Closed borders and uncertain economic situations have only made this situation worse. But it won’t be like this forever. Eventually, this strange era in human history will pass, and once again families will be able to gather and reconnect without the dark clouds of disaster looming overhead. That’s what this sigil speaks to.

“I Attract Genuine, Charming And Compassionate Friends”


“I attract genuine, charming
and compassionate friends.”

There’s more to life than romantic relationships. Friendships — particularly those that form from a genuine connection — are hard to beat. Life-long friendships have real value, but it’s also important to be open to forging new connections, continually growing your social circle with fun, interesting, engaging, trustworthy, empathetic, reliable, compassionate, and sincere people. That’s what this sigil speaks to.

“Let Us Now Enter A Time Of Growth And Healing”


“Let us now enter a time of growth and healing”

If now is not the time to try something new, when is?

Updated Sigil Ordering Options


Looking to order your very own Sigil Daily-designed personal empowerment sigil? We’ve just updated our ordering options to make it easier than ever. The best part? Our classic “Digital Sigil” designs are still just $10!

Let’s take a look at the new options.

  • Digital Print — $10: Original art shared as a high-resolution image. Turnaround is generally within 24 hours. Art will be sent to the ordering email address unless otherwise requested. Includes both original art and social-media ready version for sharing. Classic option!
  • Tattoo & Logo Variations (Set of 3) — $25: A set of three unique designs created from your sigil phrase. Perfect for people looking for a few design options for a sigil-based tattoo, brand logo, or online background/avatar. One sigil phrase per order. Turnaround is generally within 48 hours. Art will be sent to the ordering email address unless otherwise requested. Includes both original art and social-media ready version for sharing. Best value!
  • Hand-Inked Original (5×7 — $50): Ink and canvas board artwork, mailed directly to you within a week of ordering. Includes digital version, which is generally sent within 24 hours. Perfect for framing and display. Examples here. Great for art lovers!
  • Bespoke Work — Pricing Varies: Looking for something that’s not listed here? Need a batch of sigils? Need a large sigil painting or print? Looking to commission a unique work? Contact Sigil Daily at sigilist@sigildaily.com for pricing. Best for truly custom needs!

Interested? Order here.

Custom Sigil Examples

Our digital sigils are generally delivered within 24 hours. These are unique, original works of sigil art created directly from the language you sent us, and specifically represent that desire. For the best results, be as specific and clear as possible. As each sigil is a unique and original work of art, major revisions are only available as an additional order.

Questions? Email them to us at sigilist@sigildaily.com.

“I Am Aging With Grace And Dignity”


“I Am Aging With Grace And Dignity”

Aging is a humbling experience for everyone. This wonderful organic machine we use to experience the world simply isn’t meant to last forever. It wears out, it gets damaged, and — eventually — it breaks down completely. The trick is to enjoy the ride while you can, and to fully embrace every stage of the journey. Sure, you’re going to have new aches and pains. Yes, your sight and hearing will dull, and it will take a little longer to dredge up a name or word from the depths of your memory. Even your hair color will betray you in time, treacherously losing pigment to make you look like some … horror … old person.

You can’t change any of that, it’s just part of the human experience for those of us who stubbornly insist on continuing to breathe in and out. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy what’s to come. You can’t stop the march of time, but you can damn sure change how you experience it. Use these changes as an excuse to become more of who you really are. You’ve been a timid youth, an uncertain adolescent, a defiant twentysomething, and who knows what else? Now it’s time for you to become the next iteration of the ongoing project that is you. Only you can define who that person will be, how they will act, and what example they will set for those unsuspecting youngsters a few years behind you.

“Let Us Find Magick Everywhere We Look”


“Let us find magick everywhere we look.”

When you know what to look for, the world is a pretty magickal place. This sigil seeks to remind us of this simple fact.