“Negative Thoughts Evaporate From My Mind”


“Negative thoughts evaporate from my mind.”

Every day, a million little anchors do their best to drag your spirit under the surface of your consciousness. Left unchecked, they can pull you under. While you won’t drown in a literal sense, these dark thoughts can pull you to a very dark, cold, and dreadful place.

If you know that the anchors are there, it’s easy enough to cut the ropes, and let your natural emotional buoyancy bring you back to the surface where you can breathe free. Those negative thoughts only exist in shadow, and crumble to dust in the light.

Of course you’re not “worthless,” “weak,” “ugly,” or “unloved.” A simple examination of that heavy anchor — no matter why it exists — can crumble it into dust. But those thoughts are sneaky. They don’t play fair. They don’t like to be seen in the full light of day, where their ridiculousness and obvious inaccuracy can be seen for the nonsense they are. So they hide, and slip their ropes around the unguarded places in our minds when we’re busy trying to get on with our lives.

This sigil speaks to the simple power of daylight. In the light of our saner and more self-aware moments, these negative thoughts vanish like the shadows they are.

“My Efforts Bring Me Happiness And Security”


“My efforts bring me happiness and security.”

We may work and toil for money, but it’s important to remember that money itself is rarely the end goal. It’s the things that money allows us to access — a secure place to live, nourishing food, entertainment, the freedom to go new places and try new things, the ability to respond to an emergency — that we’re really working for. It can be easy to forget that money is simply a tool for facilitating happiness and security, not the thing itself.

This sigil speaks to a desire deeper than wealth and success.

A Trio Of Guest Sigils


Last week, we decided it would be fun to commission a few sigils from another Tumblr siglist. We decided to go with Italian sigilist alicepinocchio (AKA Sakuradew on Tumblr, whose work has a beautiful simplicity to it. The challenge we gave her was simple: Visit SigilDaily.com and choose a few of our sigils that spoke to her. Then, we asked her to take the same statement of intent and create her own unique sigils from them.

Here are her results. We think you’ll like them.

If you’re interested in having her create a sigil for you, she takes commissions. You can order one from her Fiverr page here: https://www.fiverr.com/alicepinocchio

“Public Speaking Is Easy And Non-Threatening For Me”


“Public speaking is easy and non-threatening for me.”

If you’ve ever had to take a public speaking class — typically in college, or for professional advancement — you know just how absolutely nerve wracking it can be. It’s often stated that many people are less afraid of certain than they are of speaking in front of a crowd, and while that may be an exaggeration, it can absolutely feel that way when it’s your turn to speak to a room. You can panic, your heart booming away, your palms sweating like a faucet. It’s weird, but as social animals that evolved with an extremely real need to be accepted by the group, the fear of possible social rejection is as real as any physical threat.

This sigil serves as a reminder that anyone can get over their fear of public speaking. Once you get the hang of it, and your inner primate brain realizes that you’re not going to die from giving a presentation or making a toast at your best friend’s wedding, it becomes much easier. In fact, people can kind of become addicted to it. Just visit any Rotary Club meeting, where people who were once absolutely terrified of public speaking now find excuses to do it — for fun!

Think of it like the safer version of skydiving. Once you get over the fear, all you think about is finding another opportunity to get that rush of adrenaline again.

“My Enlistment Will Be Safe And Successful”


“My enlistment will be safe and successful.”

It can be scary to start a new job. Starting a new job where everyone is going to be issued a firearm, go through intense physical training, and then be assigned to deal with various foreign threats where death is very much a possibility … Let’s just say that a little trepidation is warranted in that situation.

This sigil doesn’t seek to diminish the very real dangers of military service. It simply states the desire to come through that experience as safely as possible, and with the best possible results.