“I will put the past behind me”


“I will put the past behind me.”

A classic sentiment of healing, forgiveness, and movement towards the future.

This is a revised and updated version of one of the very first SigilDaily.com sigils.

“My life is blessed with prosperity”


“My life is blessed with prosperity.”

There’s something elegant about the word “prosperity.” Today, it is often used to suggest both success and wealth. But that’s not really what the word represents. Not all that long ago — ’round about the 15th century — it meant something more like “flourishing.” A person can experience financial flourishing, sure, but so can a business, a city, or even a country. In my view, prosperity simply means that things are definitively moving in the right direction, growing, and taking root. That sentiment is what this sigil speaks to.

This specific sigil is also a revised version of one of the very first SigilDaily.com sigils, dating back all the way to those heady days of 2013.

“I will travel and study on my own”


A suggestion from one of our followers, and a sentiment that should be familiar to anyone with an adventure-minded spirit within.

“I will have a wonderful life”


“I will have a wonderful life.”

One of the trickiest parts of life is appreciating it for what it is, and while it’s actually happening. Even if you strongly believe in an afterlife — and perhaps even more if you don’t — there’s no getting around just how incredible, rare, and special a thing each and every life is. When a life ends, it’s the end of an wealth of thoughts, feelings, experiences, fears, loves, hopes, dreams, and pains. I’m not trying to be morbid here, I’m just noting that every life, just by happening at all, is a wonder.

I’m fairly certain that the Tumblr follower who requested this sigil had something a bit less philosophical in mind. But what makes a life “wonderful”? Is it having a supportive and caring family? Bottomless wealth? Perfect health and great sex? Or is it simply the ability to appreciate just how rare of a thing life is, right here in the moment?

What could be better than living a life that is full of wonder?

“My audition will be successful”


“My audition will be successful.”

Being a successful performer means learning how to manage rejection. There is no better example of this than the audition process. No matter how experienced and skilled you are in your craft, there’s no way to know of its what the director, producer, or casting director has in mind. No matter how phenomenal your abilities, you might just not be what they’re looking for. That’s what this sigil, requested by no less than two of our Tumblr followers, speaks to. Success can mean a lot of things — maybe you get the job, or maybe the casting director has something else you might be perfect for — and being open to those possibilities can help soothe the sting when an audition doesn’t go the way you’d hoped. Remember: The only way to truly guarantee success is to keep showing up.

“I will have patience with those around me”


“I will have patience with those around me.”

Who hasn’t wished to have just a touch more patience in their daily lives? Why fume at a slow grocery store cashier? Or grind your teeth as the DMV workers take their sweet, slow time to complete what seems like a mundane task? Or blaze with frustration at coworker who is either blisteringly slow on the uptake or willfully incompetent? In those cases, wouldn’t it be nice to have an extra reserve of patience, just to keep you blowing your top? That’s what this immensely useful sigil — suggested by a Tumblr follower — speaks to.