“Through the Storms and Flames of Life, Our Love Continues to Grow”


Sigil - Through the storms and flames of life, our love continues to grow.
“Through the storms and flames of life, our love continues to grow.”

Life is a dangerous, chaotic, and stressful experience. From that first disorienting moment of being pulled from the warmth and safety of the womb, to those final uncertain moments before the spark of consciousness fades, the whole thing is a hurricane of joys and heartbreaks. Thankfully, there’s also lot of downtime. But one of the things that makes it all manageable is the strength that comes from a solid, loving relationship.

Fires, flood, storms, droughts, economic collapse, pandemics, murder hornets … It’s all better with someone you love at your side. With the right person, this adversity and turmoil become bearable. In time, the become line items on a list of obstacles overcome. The bonds forged in those moments, however, remain strong.

That bond of love and partnership — romantic or platonic — is what this sigil represents.

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“Optimism Comes Easily To Me”


Sigil - Optimism comes easily to me
“Optimism comes easily to me”

It’s not always easy to look on the bright side. Even the most upbeat and positive people still struggle through dark times, after all. Being consistently optimistic often seems like requires something akin to a willing suspension of disbelief, because deep down we all know that tragedy and pain are an inevitable part of existence.

Optimism isn’t about avoiding or ignoring the pain and suffering that comes with life. We all know that the people we love will eventually die. We all know that sickness, anger, loneliness, fear, hunger, defeat, and humiliation are part of the cost for the great joys that they accompany. Being optimistic is a decision to accept all of those things, and to focus on the glowing beauty of stars of the night sky, rather than the inky blackness that surrounds them.

That’s what this sigil speaks to.

“My Stress and Anxiety Over Money Fades”


Sigil - My stress and anxiety
over money fades
“My stress and anxiety over money fades”

One of the great constants of the modern world is that money — specifically the sense of security that money provides — is something almost everyone desires. It’s hardly surprising that the desire for money is a powerful tool for shaping almost every aspect of our global culture. Make someone afraid that they don’t have enough money, or limit their access to essential things that money is exchanged for, and you have them on a leash. This is a feature of our modern economy, not a bug.

It’s not always possible to become wealthy, and even for those who do, the anxiety that comes with money doesn’t go away. Even the very wealthy can obsess over wanting more money, even when they could never spend what they already have. So let’s dig down and pull this weed of fear and stress up by the root.

This sigil aims to reduce the panic and fear that money — and the lack of it — creates.

“Love and Connection Flow to Me”


Sigil - Love and Connection Flow to Me
“Love and connection flow to me”

Even in the best of times, connecting with other people can be difficult. That first electric spark of a true romance is something that many people will only experience a few times during their lives. Even that deep relief and joy that comes when you meet someone who just “gets” you a rarity. If your desire is to expand your world through new relationships, it’s often surprisingly hard to even know where to start.

This sigil is intended to help you focus that connection-making intent, be it romantic love, platonic love, or simply a real connection with others.

“I Am Always Able To Save Money”


I am always able to save money
“I am always able to save money”

Simply being alive is expensive. Even the basic stuff of food and shelter has been made costly, as the greedy seek to squeeze every drop of money out of those least able to afford it. As a result, most people simply don’t have the ability to save up even a small fund for times of crisis.

Here is a sigil for money earned, money saved, and money protected from the endless grasping and greedy claws of the world.