“I Begin University With Focus And Tenacity”


“I begin university with focus and tenacity. “

Heading off to college is an exciting, overwhelming thing. Adolescence is officially over, and while you’re not quite part of the workaday adult world, you’re closer than you’ve ever been before. At the same time, college also provides you with a world of distractions and freedoms that you’ve never had before. There are parties to attend, romances to start, hobbies to explore, and countless opportunities to expand your definition of who you are and what your life is going to be about. Staying focused on classwork in that environment isn’t always easy.

This sigil serves as a humble reminder of the original goal: To get the most out of this experience, to learn what you set out to learn, and to stick to the tough work of class assignments and studying, even if it’s not always the most fun thing in the moment.

“I Am Motivated In Math”


“I am motivated in math.”

This sigil was requested by one of our Tumblr followers, who wanted a little help keeping focused in math class. That’s a struggle that many of us are all too familiar with, I suspect. Perhaps the very act of writing this sigil on a math notebook could serve as a reminder of the desire to overcome the abstractions of algebra, the confusion of calculus, and the trials of trigonometry.

“He Has The Courage To Express His True Feelings To Me”


“He has the courage to express his true feelings to me.”

This sigil was requested by one of our Tumblr followers.

“My Anxieties Melt Away”


“My anxieties melt away.”

Few things can make you feel as frustrated, powerless, and even hopeless, as managing constant anxiety. We live in a stressful time, and millions of people all over the world are facing serious insecurities, live-and-death situations, and ongoing fears about everything from affording health care to making the next month’s rent payment. It’s hardly surprising that anxiety is a major problem in our society.

Worse yet, plenty of people find themselves stuck in an obsessive loop where anxiety is their default state of mind. If there’s not some looming threat to worry about, they begin to worry because something awful is clearly about it to happen. It’s a stressful, isolating way to go through life, and it’s not something most people can just “turn off” even if they know, rationally, that there’s nothing to gain from even more anxious obsessing.

This sigil can’t remove the things in this world that create anxiety. There are times when worrying and anxiety are an appropriate, sane response to the situation you find yourself in. But what it can do is serve as a reminder that you don’t have to let anxiety rule your life. It’s a stage you may need to go through, but you don’t have to stay there forever. You can take a deep breath. You can give yourself permission to relax, if even just for an afternoon, so that you can have a moment or two where your life isn’t dictated by worry and fear.

This sigil is a reminder that you are more than your anxieties. It’s OK to let them melt away from time to time.

Winter Break Is Over!


After a very active Samhain/Halloween, we took a break over the winter to recharge our creative batteries. Now that spring is here, it’s time to get back to creating new sigils!

We’re also a bit more active on our Tumblr page, which you can visit here: sigildaily.tumblr.com

“My children are protected during trick or treating”


“My children are protected during trick or treating.”

It’s Halloween! (Or, Samhain, if you prefer.) Over on our Tumblr page, we’re taking requests for sigils to celebrate the season, and this one seemed quite timely.

Be safe out there! Keep your tricks fun and lighthearted, and your treats delicious.