“New Love Will Find Me”


“”New love will find me.”

Love and romance is a tricky business. It often seems completely arbitrary, with there being little about finding that special someone new that is in the realm of the predictable. One can actively look for that spark of romantic connection for years, going on countless disappointing dates and mindlessly swiping on dating apps, never making contact with the right person. Then, by sheer chance, often at a time and place where you were not looking and completely unprepared — folding your clothes at a laundromat, attending a friend’s casual get together, or simply having lunch — it happens. Maybe it starts with a smile, an awkward glance, or a silly joke. Out of nowhere, you’re in love. It’s new, it’s exhilarating, and it’s even a little terrifying. It’s just what you needed.

That’s the desire that this sigil speaks to.

“My Magic Is Potent And Powerful”


“My magic is potent and powerful.”

Another request from one of our followers on the SigilDaily Tumblr page.

“I Can Cry When I Need To”


“I can cry when I need to.”

For a lot of people, expressing emotion doesn’t come easily. Crying, in particular, is a real challenge. Even though you’re well aware of the need to cry, and desperate for the emotional release of a good sob, the tears just won’t come. It’s a surprisingly frustrating experience, particularly in times of intense stress or sadness.

Tears are a natural response to that kind of stress and pain. Far from being a sign of weakness, they’re more like a pressure release valve for your emotions. Sure, there are some people who maybe rely on crying a bit much when it comes to getting attention, but isn’t that preferable to not being able to experience the relief that comes after a good cry?

This sigil aims to make it a little easier to start the waterworks.

A Glimpse At The Sigilist’s Notebook


Here’s a fun peek behind the curtain of our sigil-creation process. SigilDaily has a fairly actively Tumblr page, and when we returned from our winter break we decided it would be fun to take a bunch of requests from our Tumblr followers. This tends to result in a flood of requests — usually a few dozen in the first few hours alone — and by necessity the sigils tend to be fairly simple.

Here’s a page from our sigilist’s notebook, creating three unique sigils over a cup of coffee at a local cafe. This process is simple and fast, making it ideal for the high-volume Tumblr requests. Start to finish, all three of these took about 20 minutes to draft.

“I Radiate Positivity And Healing”


“I radiate positivity and healing.”

Have you ever met a person that just seemed to glow with warmth, compassion, and understanding? Just by spending a little time with them, you somehow feel better. You’re more at ease. You can relax, let your guard down, and just be yourself in ways that can prove impossible around even your best friends. Those special people are worth including in your life. If you can be that kind of person for others, even better.

This sigil speaks to that desire.

“I Appear More Masculine”


“I appear more masculine.”

Our society is in the middle of an awkward and confusing — and often painful — renegotiation of what the very concept of “gender” should mean. It’s easy to have a reactionary response to this. After all, we’ve had largely static definitions of what it means to be “masculine” and “feminine” for thousands of years, so why change things now? There’s an attitude that there’s something deeply, even fundamentally wrong with a genetic female or genetic male wanting to interact with the world as their opposite gender.

At the same time, it’s just as clear that the world is changing. Culture is changing. Humanity is changing. And that’s OK.

The SigilDaily project is fairly active on Tumblr, which is a social networking site that very much caters to the still-unnamed generation — Gen Z, Post-Millennials, Zoomers — that are currently navigating early adulthood. It’s clear that this new generation has a very different perspective on the world, including a new understanding of gender. It goes way beyond hormone therapy and bewildering discussions of preferred pronouns.

They are the first generation to have the option to decide what gender they want to be seen as. They are the first generation to have hormone treatments, reassignment surgeries, and countless online resources to help their inner world and outer presentation to match up. As weird as it seems to those of us from an earlier era, it’s hard to come up with a good reason why this kind of freedom is a bad thing.

At the same time, it’s clear that there’s a lot of hostility to this shift in our culture. There’s no shortage of prejudice, exclusion, and even violence aimed at a relatively small group of people who don’t actually seem to be doing anything wrong beyond wanting to change their own lives.

If one of our sigils can help some young trans kid navigate this strange, uncertain, and scary time in our culture, perhaps coming out the other side of the experience with a few less emotional scars than their Boomer, Gen X and Millennial predecessors, even better.