“May We Find Joy In Our Resilience”


“May We Find Joy In Our Resilience”

In challenging times, moments of joy can be hard to come by. The very act of looking for those tiny glimpses and fragments of light breaking through the canopy of shadows is an act of defiance. Simply by looking for those pinpricks of light that break through a sky darkened with black and thundering clouds, our resilience shines as a beacon of joy to others.

“My Healing Is As Deep And Soothing As An Untouched Glacial Lake”


We are living in an aeons-long window between Ice Ages. We are the children of those frozen continents. Our very beings shaped by the struggle for warmth, safety, and community in a world that was defined by unrelenting cold, danger, and struggle. And yet, if you visit the remnants of that world — those frozen, inhospitable, desolate edges of the world — there’s also a familiarity.

As those captive and frigid oceans succumb to this burning age, they bring with them a gift: The clearest, purest pools that the world has to offer. Some are endless wells of achingly beautiful blue.

This sigil seeks to evoke the cool clarity and untouched purity of these soothing waters as we recover from our injuries and pain.

“My Talent And Dedication Is Obvious To Those Who Would Hire Me”


“My talent and dedication is obvious to those who would hire me.”

Dedicating your life to something you care about always comes with risk. The world needs skilled, capable, and passionate people. Chasing your true calling isn’t always easy. It takes years to master most crafts, and others can consume an entire lifetime. But even the masters sometimes hear those dreaded words, “Sorry, we’re going to go in another direction.”

All you can do … all anyone can do, really … is give it their best shot. That’s a true in a dance audition for a regional touring revival of “Showboat” as it is for job interview as a high school math tutor. The best you can hope for is that they see your abilities with clear eyes.

This sigil seeks to remind you that talent and dedication are obvious to the people worthy of seeing them.

“I Find Hope And Serenity In The Flow Of My Life”


“I find hope and serenity in the flow of my life”

Existence has a tendency to move at its own pace. It may roll slowly at times, lazily bubbling forward with no great urgency. At other times, it may roil and churn with the ferocity of a whitewater rapid. It’s not something we typically have direct control over, but this doesn’t mean that we can’t seek out moments to enjoy along the way.

This sigil speaks to the value of appreciating those quiet moments that happen as life flows through us.

“My Actions Are Guided By Kindness, Compassion, Patience, And Tolerance”


“My actions are guided by kindness, compassion, patience, and tolerance”

As we rebuild the world, we’ll have some tough decisions to make. We’ll be tempted to do what’s easy, rather than what’s just. We’ll be urged to aim for a return to the old ways — the dying status quo — rather than building something better in its place. Those inclinations are understandable, but if we want a better world, we can’t settle for simply propping up the ruins of the old one.

At a minimum, we need to inform our future decisions and actions with kindness, compassion, patience, and tolerance. That’s what this sigil speaks to.

“My True Power Comes From Within”


“My true power comes from within”

It’s easy to forget just how powerful we are. Every story you’ve ever heard, every idea that has shaped your thinking, and every innovation that has improved the world came from the same wellspring. It’s inside all of us. Yes, even you.

Your true power glows from within. It always has, and it always will. There’s nothing supernatural about it, because it’s as natural as the blood pumping through your heart. There’s no one you need to pray to in order to access it, and you owe no debt to anyone to use it. It’s yours, and you can use it however you like.

This sigil seeks only to remind you of this simple, obvious truth.