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“My anxiety does not control or define me”

One of the most crippling, harmful things about anxiety is the sense of isolation it creates. It can make us feel like we’re completely alone, struggling with an issue that no one else could possibly understand, and even if they could, they would dismiss it as something only a weak, pathetic person would ever care

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Sigil Cover: “My anxiety disperses quickly”

Here’s another “cover” version of a reader-submitted sigil from our Tumblr page, this time from @tommysaysblahh. Take a look: Here’s the original, which is quite interesting in its own right:

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New Sigil: “I Will Calm Down”

Nervous much? Suffering from aimless anxiety? Tired of people telling you to relax? Here’s a sigil, just for you. (Well, technically it was made just for one of Sigil Daily’s Tumblr followers, but you get the idea.) If you’re curious, this one was heavily influenced by the Old Udi (Caucasian Albanian) script, and is rendered

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