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A Glimpse At The Sigilist’s Notebook

Here’s a fun peek behind the curtain of our sigil-creation process. SigilDaily has a fairly actively Tumblr page, and when we returned from our winter break we decided it would be fun to take a bunch of requests from our Tumblr followers. This tends to result in a flood of requests — usually a few

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Raw Sigil Art

As a kind of follow up to the “Peek at the process” post I made last week, here are some images of the raw, pre-Photoshop versions of various sigils from the past year or so of the Sigil Daily project. Some of these are unused versions or early drafts. If you like them, let me

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New Sigil: “I Am Strong, Healthy And Happy”

Today, I thought we’d take a step back and demystify the sigil-creation process. This was created with a perfectly normal mechanical pencil, ink pen and steno pad in about five minutes over coffee. You can see the entire process, with the finished sigil circled in the lower left. I’ll likely create a more artsy-looking version

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